Proven SEO Best Practises

Every business individual, who wants to build his business online, wants to appear at the top in all the search engine rankings. But not everyone could get there, it requires a lot of research and experimentation. Even after a lot of research and experience, no one can become an SEO expert. Due to the constant change in Google updates and algorithms, SEO has become the most challenging task nowadays. It is very important to stay tuned with the latest news and updates. And that’s what we do! We at Reach web experts are best at our SEO and Digital Marketing services. As we ensure to take care of all the best practices to do it in the right way in order to make our client’s site more visible in search engines and to generate traffic to the site in order to increase leads which in front turns into sales, which ultimately leads to a successful business.

Now let’s get into the top proven SEO best practices that are to be followed in every SEO project. Before starting any project it is very important to have proper communication with the client because it was the clients who have to trust you to deal with their online business promotion. Here are the basic questions that should be collected from your client at the first step itself. Though they look simple but found to be very helpful during the project.

1. What is your business?

2. What is the main goal or objective of the business?

3. Who is your competitor?

4. What are the expected results?

It is very important to know the complete details of the client’s business, the current stage of their operations and knowing their business targets. Now, let us look deep into some broadly followed SEO strategies:

1. Having a complete SEO audit: An SEO audit is a systematic examination of the complete site and it helps to discover the facts to improve the performance of the website according to the search engines. In this process you need to check out the following corrections:

Is your site structured with proper title tags, all Meta tags, and Meta Description?

Is your page optimized with according to your keywords?

Is your page Url properly structured for the search engine to index

2. Content with targeted phrases and keywords: Content is the main base for SEO, it is very important to update your content regularly to have a unique and relevant content stuffed with your targeted keywords which helps your website to rank faster. So, planning a unique and fresh content, that one can make as a best practice in the process of ranking their site in search engines.

3. Be aware of your user’s interest: Never make your users get bored with your stuff. Build interesting and relevant stuff so that your user will stay connected to your site and skip to your competitor’s site also it prevents the user from leaving your site frustrated. Make sure that your site is user-friendly so that a user will never feel irritated with your site.

4. Internal pages with anchor links: Internal linking refers to the page link, directing the user to the other page in the same website. Which helps in user interaction and drive traffic to different pages within the site.

5. Images with alt tags and image names: An alt tag is the name of the image that helps the search engine to read the images on your site. It is very essential to name all the images with a proper alt tag and the image names. Including your keywords in images is more beneficial and also makes your images SEO friendly.

6. Create a good landing page: Optimise an attractive landing page with quality content so that the user may find it more interesting to visit your site and stay interacted to every page of your site.

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